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Suzan Iscil

Suzan Iscil

Suzan Iscil sees clients individually and also leads group sessions to help people learn how to relax, meditate, heal relationships, lose weight, or otherwise improve their lives. She helps people to recognize when they are having self-defeating thoughts and helps them to change their thinking. Suzan is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner, Parts Therapy instructor and Reiki instructor. She has studied a variety of energy healing modalities as well as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). An appointment with Suzan may include hypnosis, NLP, EFT, Reiki, or a combination of these modalities, but will also include coaching for techniques that the clients can do at home, suggestions for books they can read, or topics they can focus on.


Suzan helps people see their lives from different perspectives and helps them improve their confidence and self-esteem, overcome grief or guilt, overcome emotional concerns due to break-ups or divorce, or find balance for just about any issue imaginable. If you are feeling out of balance or just “stuck,” Suzan can help you!


Suzan specializes in spiritual techniques, such as past life regression, life between lives sessions, and strengthening clients’ connection with their divine source. If clients feel no spiritual connection, she can them tap into their higher selves – their own innate wisdom.

In addition to leading classes and seeing clients, Suzan hosts an Annual Retreat for Personal Balance during the month of October in a beach house in Sandbridge. This amazing weekend includes a great variety of guest speakers and presenters throughout 3 days of complete relaxation, self-discovery, and miracles. The retreat is not for profit. The practitioners volunteer to present their topics at the retreat and the participants share the cost of the house and meals for the weekend. This incredible event is offered at a fraction of the cost of similar events and has a variety of non-stop sessions from morning until evening for the entire weekend.


If you are interested in improving your life and attracting abundance, check out Suzan's hypnosis/meditation CDs and MP3s.


A client favorite is "Get into the Flow - Attracting Abundance." Clients report that, after listening to the CD regularly, they are not only attracting more abundance into their lives, but also smiling and laughing more on a daily basis.


Choose from "Attracting Abundance," "You are Enough," "Take Charge of Your Life," "Choosing Better Eating Habits," or "Quit Smoking."


For more information about methods and services offered, go to


Think Positive Hypnotherapy and Wellness, LLC


Contact Suzan directly at (571) 225-1496 to schedule an appointment today!


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