Yoga Teacher Training

National Yoga Academy






200 & 500 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Beginning January 2016 at Wells Therapeutics!

Once certified, each student will be highly qualified to teach yoga throughout the world.

National Yoga Academy has discounts and even FREE teacher training for eligible military and family members through GI Bill, My CAA, and military discounts.

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•200 hours of yoga teacher training
•6 months of intensive and transformational training
•Focus on traditional forms of yoga , yoga therapy, prenatal yoga, baby and kids' yoga, nutritional healing, and lifestyle coaching. We spend a lot of time on the development of teaching and each student will teach at least 20 hours before graduation.
•Yoga Alliance Registration: techniques, training and practice; yoga philosophy/ lifestyle; ethics for yoga teachers; teaching methodology; anatomy and physiology; practicum (teaching); principles of demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting, and instruction; teaching styles; qualities of a yoga teacher; the student's process of learning; business aspects of teaching yoga; and eating properly: nutrition and yoga.

Training topics include:
~ Hatha & Raja yoga
~ Anatomy of yoga
~ Ayurveda constitutions,
~ Integrative nutrition
~ Meditation & mudras
~ Organic aromatherapy
~ Yoga therapy
~ Prenatal yoga & restorative yoga
~ Sequencing & teaching
~ Yin and yang of yoga
~ Business of Yoga
~ Yoga Philosophy
~ Yoga therapy for heart conditions, depression, anxiety, and other chronic illnesses.
~ Pranayama techniques for meditation and asana practice



Training topics include: 

~Advanced Anatomy of Yoga, Ayurveda, Physical Therapy & Yoga therapy

~Prenatal Yoga & RestorativeYoga

~Baby wearing & Kids Yoga

~Advanced Sequencing Teaching

~Yin and Yang of Yoga

~Meditation &Subtle Energetics

~Advanced Marketing & Business of Yoga

~Yoga Philosophy

~Yoga Therapy for heart conditions, depression, anxiety , PTSD, cancer & other chronic illnesses

~Advanced Pranayama techniques for Meditation & Asana Practice

~Nutritional Healing & Lifestyle Coaching as a student & teacher

~Each student will have a case study done for them, as well as conduct a study throughout the year.


Teachers include:


Amanda Hamp, eRYT 500

Dilip Sarkar, MD, FACS, CAP

Emily Wells-Perritt, CMT, RYT-500

Sharon Alwood Ross, RYT-200

Meghen Erboe, MSW, LSW, eRYT 200

Priti Prakash


Practitioner Spotlight


Mietek Wirkus

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Mae Dozier

Mae Dozier is a Master of Wirkus…
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Gift Items


Hot/Cold Packs

Soothe tension and relax muscles with handmade rice-based hot/cold packs in a variety of colorful designs. $12
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Hypnotherapy CDs by Suzan Iscil

Hypnosis CDs are great for…
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Yoga Teacher Training

National Yoga Academy
200 & 500 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher…
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