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Rainer Meadows Windsong

Rainer 2015Rev. Dr. Rainer Meadows Windsong is a licensed interfaith minister. She is a mystic, teacher, artist, motivational and key note speaker. She has been a Spiritual Teacher, Workshop Presenter and Retreat Facilitator since 1991.

As a marriage Officiant, she will help you create a custom wedding or commitment ceremony that reflects your relationship.

Dr. Windsong is also available for spiritual counseling, christenings, funeral and or memorial services. She offers house clearings and blessings and croning ceremonies as well for wise women.

As a facilitator for positive transformation, she sees individuals by appointment for energy work, life purpose counseling, and personal as well as spiritual development.

Dr. Windsong is passionate about helping people rediscover their own spiritual truths in a safe non judgmental atmosphere. She encourages clients to explore their personal connection with the Divine through coaching techniques, meditation, visualization and EFT.Dr. Windsong also utilizes creative expression as a healing tool for clients. She also facilitates soul retrieval for complete soul integration and increased well-being.

As a consultant for corporations and non profits, she creates interactive small and large group workshops that encourage community and intimacy.

Dr. Windsong presents seminars on: Leadership Development, Spirituality & Ethics in the Work Place and Creativity as a Problem Solving Tool.

In addition, Dr. Windsong facilitates Drum Circles for team building.

As a full service minister confidentiality is always maintained.


Contact Dr. Windsong for fees and appointment at 757.672.3608, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at her website,

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