Hypnotherapy CDs by Suzan Iscil

Hypnosis CDs are great for relaxation. Listen to them as you relax quietly and focus on your breathing or play them as you fall asleep at night. Never play them while operating a motor vehicle!

All CDs have a minimum of 3 simultaneous tracks; music, suggestions and affirmations.

The suggestions help you change habits. The relaxation in a meditative state helps you to ride the waves of life more easily and calmly. Forming habits for relaxation and meditation can help you improve your mental, physical and spiritual health.

All CDs listed below are $15 or 2 for $25. They can be picked up at Wells Therapeutics or shipped to you for an extra charge of $5 for shipping and handling.

To ensure that the CD you're looking for is in stock at Wells, contact us before dropping by.



Here's what clients said about their CDs:

"Listened to your CD again this morning. I am trying to meditate again every morning. Your CD is
just the best!!! I have several other mindfulness CDs but your CD is very powerful."
"That CD is worth its weight in gold!"

Break Free of Excess Weight 

For people who hide behind their weight. Suggestions focus on letting go of the past, allowing the true you to come forward and reclaim strength, confidence and determination. This CD contains bi-naural beats as well as the multiple suggestion tracks.

Be Here Now - Improving Focus and Concentration

For anyone who wants to improve his focus and concentration.  This CD has 5 tracks - 3 tracks contain positive suggestions and 2 tracks contain music.

Choosing Better Eating Habits

This CD encourages people to eat smaller quantities, make healthier choices and drink a lot of water. The CD also focuses on loving yourself and taking control not only of food choices, but of your life in general.

Smoking Cessation

For people who would like to stop smoking.

Take Charge of Your Life by Taking Charge of Your Thoughts

This CD promotes relaxation and provides suggestions for thinking more positively and improving confidence, happiness and balance in your life. This CD is approximately 32 minutes and encourages people to take charge of their lives by taking charge of their thoughts. This CD was created to be used by people who attend the "Find Light at the End of the Tunnel" sessions.This is a great CD! The multiple tracks sound super and help the suggestions to really sink in.

Get in the Flow! Attracting Abundance

This CD's theme is the current of a river. Every person decides whether he wants to paddle with the current or against it. Since we are listening to the CD, we've decided to paddle with the current and get in the flow. As we get in the flow, we obtain balance in our lives and as a result, attract the health, jobs, relationships and financial situations that we desire. While people often perceive "abundance" as getting rich quick, while this CD does encourage us to be open to receive and to accept all that is good,  this CD helps us invite happiness, good eating habits and friendships that support us into our lives. This CD was created for people who attend the "Are you paddling against the current? Attract abundance by getting into the flow" sessions. Approximate run time - 30 minutes.

Attractive Nails

For people who want long, healthy nails and beautiful cuticles.

Custom CDs

Contact Suzan at to request a CD for any topic and it will be custom-made to fit your personal needs

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Hypnotherapy CDs by Suzan Iscil

Hypnosis CDs are great for…
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